Bio Peel in Bromley

Bio re peel is the latest effective treatment which works on patented 2-phase technology. It rejuvenates and is injected into the deep layer of the skin called the dermis. These result in exfoliation and encourage the biosynthesis process, results in improving the overall health of the skin. This treatment helps to reduce the effect of skin pigmentation, colour disorder, UV light, and acne scar, and make your skin younger. It is one of the best treatments to rejuvenate the skin with a lot of benefits. 


The product with the combined effect of the components helps to restore skin condition to the best possible level. With its antioxidant and moisturising action, the peel can be beneficial for every kind of medical need of the skin. 

Exfoliation and keratolytic work to remove the upper layer cells.

Other active ingredients help to enhance skin replacement and other biosynthetic processes.

Bonds in cells function to slowly remove the top layer of the skin to provide soft and glowing skin. You can get effective and visible results with needles. 

BIOREPEEL innovative peel treatment in Bromley UK

Benefits of Bio Re Peel

  • Glowing skin
  • Treats oily Skin 
  • Treat acne 
  • Very less down time after treatment 
  • Improve skin tone
  • Quick result without injection 
  • Painless treatment