Cupping Therapy in Bromley

Cupping therapy is a type of alternative medicine in which cups are put on the skin to create suction. During this, the therapist put flammable items like herbs in the cup and put it on fire. As the fire goes out, the cup is put on the part of the body. A vacuum is created when the air inside the cup cools down. The cup is put in for around 3 minutes. This process helps to naturally heal the body. It removes toxins and stagnant blood and improves circulation. Cupping therapy improves blood circulation in the affected area. Patients under the age of 30 can easily tolerate cupping therapy. This treatment can be taken once or twice a week. 

Cupping therapy and cryo facials are popular for enhancing the appearance of the skin. Special cups are used that are placed on the skin for a certain time. The skin absorbs the nutrients and minerals from the cup and improves skin health. It is believed that suction helps to improve the "qi" in the body, which means life force in Chinese. Here the cold temperature is used to enhance the glow of the skin. Cupping therapy can be used to treat skin problems like wrinkles, acne, and fine lines. Blood disorder, blood pressure, migraine, anxiety, and depression. It can also help with improving blood circulation, enhance the immune system, remove toxins and relieve pain.

Cupping therapy massage helps to restore the balance in the body. This massage is used with other massages for quick and effective benefits of relaxing and relieving pain.

Cupping Therapy in Bromley

There are two main types of cupping therapy, dry cupping and wet cupping. In dry cupping, only suction is used. In wet cupping the solution is created with the help of a small amount of water. 

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FAQs About Cupping Therapy

How Does Cupping Therapy Work?

The massage therapist applies cups to your skin during a cupping treatment to create suction. This can be compared to a reverse massage. The cups are arranged so that suction is produced. The massage therapist places the cups on your skin and draws your skin into the open space of the cup.

What Is the Process?

A flammable substance, such as alcohol, is applied to your skin by our therapist. After that, the substance is briefly ignited. The cup is put against the skin to create a vacuum once the fire has completely extinguished.

Does Cupping Hurt?

While massage and cupping treatments are not painful, each person reacts to them differently. The degree of discomfort is comparable to a deep-tissue massage that penetrates the deepest levels of muscle tissue. Most of our clients find the advantages and experience to be painless.

Which Conditions Are Treated by Cupping?

Chronic discomfort from muscular strains or illnesses like fibromyalgia is lessened by cupping. Also, it helps with asthma and can shorten the duration of the flu and the common cold. Blood problems, including anaemia and excessive blood pressure, can also be improved by it. Some use it to treat skin issues, including eczema and acne.

Are There Any Side Effects?

After a cupping session, the treated regions typically have discolouration. Darker markings are typically believed to represent greater "stasis," or blockages, to the blood's normal passage to and from the tissues it nourishes. While they can persist for many weeks, these signs typically disappear in a few days.

Why Do Bruises Arise After Cupping Therapy?

Your skin is pulled by the suction produced by the Chinese cupping massage. Moreover, it causes reddening by enlarging the blood vessels under the skin. Occasionally, this procedure might cause capillaries to burst, which results in bruising. Moreover, the suction effect's rush of blood to the region accelerates the bruising process.

Can I Work Out Right Away After My Treatments?

Yes, nearly always, for light or low-impact activity. An elderly patient who used cupping to "limber up" before going to an Aquafit session later that day had success with me in the past. It is best to wait at least a day or two following the treatment before engaging in more demanding activities, such as heavy weightlifting or high-impact sports. For people who are healing from an injury, this is even more crucial. Similar to acupuncture, cupping may cause pain relief and prompt premature overexertion, which increases the risk of re-injury. Keep it gentle or exercise a body part that isn't hurting to prevent this.