Facial Bromley

We provide facial in Bromley that will help to achieve a better looking complexion. A facial treatment is a cosmetic procedure that is used to improve the appearance of the face. There are many different types of facial treatments, but they all have the same goal: to make the face look more youthful and attractive. This treatment can be done in a salon, spa, or even at home. We provide different types of effective facial in Bromley including cryo facial and aqua facial.

There are different types of facial in Bromley is available. Among them, facials, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels are more popular. From these three, facial is the most common type of facial treatment and done in different ways as per requirements. In the microdermabrasion facial treatment, fine and abrasive particles and vacuum are used to remove dead skin cells. It helps to rejuvenate the skin and treat sun damage, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Chemicals are used in the chemical peel to improve the tone and texture of the skin and reduce wrinkles. It is done by removing the upper layer of the skin which results in soft and smoother skin.

Microdermabrasion is also a popular facial in Bromley. It can help to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. In this, the upper layer of the skin is removed with a special device that provides fresh and younger skin. 

Facial Treatment in Bromley


Double cleanse, exfoliate, face mask, tone moisturiser, SPF.


Steam, Double cleanse, exfoliate, face mask, hot towel, tone, moisturiser, SPF.


Steam, Double cleanse, exfoliate, derma-planning treatment, face mask, hot towel, moisturiser, SPF.


Steam, double cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, Derma-planning treatment, 24k gold face mask, hot towel, tone, moisturise, SPF.

The Aqua facial is an advanced form of Hydra facial that promises to nourish, restore, and prevents damage to your skin.

Double cleanse, exfoliating micro dermal abrasive cleansing Lipo gel, antioxidant neutralising activator, carbon salicylic peel off mask, clinisept cleanser, chemical peel, repair serum& cream, SPF, moisturiser.


Hydra facials consist of cleansing, extract, and hydration. This skin transformation treatment results in a bright, glowing, and clear complexion. 

1. Spade Knife - It removes excess sebum oil from the face.

2. Bubble pen - It is a strong microdermabrasion pen that removes comedones and papules on the surface of the skin (white and blackheads)

3. Ultrasonic - It creates a high-speed current and low-frequency sound waves for a smooth and fresh. It moisturises the skin and is safe for the skin. 

4. Radio Frequency - Radio frequency is the same as ultrasonic, but here frequency goes deep into the skin and enhances the production of collagen and improves skin tightening. 

5. Ice Bath - It helps to relax the face by reducing the temperature and reduce pores.

6. Oxygen pen- this pen allows different serums to be placed inside the pen, which shoots out a cool oxygen air which combined with a serum, which is then aired all over the face, giving a glowing plump look, this tool will keep working after the facial is over, hydrating the face.

7. LED Therapy - LED light therapy is used to treat various skin conditions such as acne, fine lines and reduces the anti-ageing effect. This therapy consists of different LED types such as red light LED therapy or blue light LED therapy and sometimes a combination.

8. To finish- face mask, tone, moisturise, SPF.

FAQs About Facial Treatment

What Is a Facial?

The term "facial" refers to a group of facial skin treatments that include massage, creams, lotions, masks, peels, exfoliation, steam, and extractions. used to promote overall skin health.

How Does a Facial Affect the Skin?

In order to produce healthy, well-hydrated skin, a facial is intended to wash, exfoliate, and nourish the skin.

Can a Facial Treat Some Skin Conditions?

Yes, from aesthetic problems like wrinkles to chronic skin diseases and acne scars, facials can help you address a range of skin health issues. However, a facial cannot: 

  • Get rid of acne
  • Discoloration that vanishes over time
  • Cure for rosacea
  • Improve sagging skin
  • Remove puffy eyes and dark circles
  • Replacing cosmetic correctional methods like Botox

Do Different Skin Types Need Different Facials?

Yes. The aesthetician should ask you to fill out paperwork before beginning any face treatment. The questionnaire will inform the aesthetician about your current medicines, skin care products, recent procedures (such as facial injections, peels, or laser treatments), and your top skin care concerns. The aesthetician will discuss the information you supply.

Before the facial, the aesthetician will do a skin analysis to determine your skin type. After selecting your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive, or dehydrated), the face products used will be suitable for your skin type.

What are the different types of facials Bromley that you offer?

We offer different types of facials in Bromley based on different skin types, like classical facials, hydrate facials, premium facials, exclusive facials, aqua facials, biorepeel, and cryo facials.

Is a Facial Recommended If I Have Sensitive Skin?

Yes. There are several factors that lead to sensitive skin, and occasionally a face service may assist in diagnosing what you can do at home to provide comfort for your present state as well as stop your problem from getting worse.

What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning gives a truly thorough exfoliation, leaving your skin glowing and incredibly smooth. We delicately remove the dead skin and vellus hair with a surgical blade to reveal a refreshed, more radiant complexion.

How Frequently Should I Get Myself a Facial?

This mostly depends on you and the outcomes you hope to obtain. To achieve the greatest benefits for your skin, we advise getting facials once a month, followed by an effective at-home skincare regimen. What you apply to your skin on a regular basis is what will really improve the appearance of your skin, so if you're unsure of what to use or aren't seeing results with your existing products, please contact us for advice. We'll be happy to help you.