Local Cryotherapy in Bromley

Localised or local cryotherapy is used to reduce pain, injuries, inflammation, and swelling in infected regions. -40 F cold vapour is used to cool the targeted area of the body. The method can take a few minutes and provide you with benefits far beyond the regular icing method.

Local cryotherapy also known as local cryo has a lot of benefits. This type of therapy can help to reduce pain and inflammation. It also improves circulation and reduces muscle pain. It also helps to heal quickly after injury and surgery. 

Now you don't have to look for different options to recover from different injuries. Our local cryotherapy in Bromley is effective to reduce inflammation, muscle soreness, and reduce pain. Local cryotherapy can help quickly recover from the injury and improve overall health. 

Local Cryotherapy is used on injuries

Our qualified sports therapists are experts to relieve your pain in the affected area by applying cold air, which triggers the body’s anti-inflammatory responses.

Each treatment is 10 minutes.

Local Cryotherapy Benefits

Local cryotherapy is more beneficial if a person is facing pain or injury in a certain area. It is preferred by athletes who are suffering from pain or injury. Whole body cryotherapy can be combined with local cryotherapy for chronic conditions. Following are some benefits of local cryotherapy. 

  • Reduce Inflammation 
  • Reduce Pain 
  • Improve Circulation 
  • Decrease Fatigue 
  • Reduce Tension in the Muscle 
  • Reduces Chronic Pain
  • Decrease Swelling
  • Improves Flexibility 
  • Quick Recovery from Injury 

Local cryotherapy is commonly applied to the knees, back, face and scalp, neck, shoulders, and elbows. Local cryotherapy is a simple, fast, and safe treatment method for recovery. It can work effectively, if you are suffering from sharp pain for a long time in a particular area. With our experts you can ensure an effective and safe treatment in Bromley. 

FAQs About Local Cryotherapy

What is Localised Cryotherapy?

Direct cooling of a particular area may occasionally be preferable to local cryotherapy, depending on the client's needs. Renuvenate uses cooled gas streams, mostly made of liquid nitrogen vapour, to treat a region of skin without harming the tissues around it. The part sees the most impressive results after only 1-2 minutes of therapy, and up to 15 minutes for larger areas. A severe cold stimulates the body's physiological processes, which can significantly aid in pain relief and tissue repair.

Is localised cryotherapy safe?

Localised cryotherapy in Bromley is a risk-free technique that only ever exposes certain body parts to the cold under the operator's complete control. Also, it's frequently used as a preliminary step for whole-body cryotherapy, which may be used to determine whether a patient has a cold allergy.

Renuvenate provides several security features for users and operators, including:

The laser feature shows how far away from the client's skin surface the nozzle should be placed. The temperature indicator displays the surface skin temperature of the client and indicates the degree of tissue perforation.

How Effective Is Local Cryotherapy?

Local cryotherapy, unlike whole-body cryotherapy, uses a smaller device with a hand-held part that allows us to apply extremely cold air to the problem area. The treatment takes only a few minutes, and the client enjoys benefits far beyond those of traditional icing. Local cryotherapy is beneficial and allows us to treat even more people for whom whole body cryotherapy isn't an option. Local cryotherapy can help you achieve your goals, whether it's increasing athletic performance, reducing wrinkles and scars, or relieving pain and inflammation.

Who Should Use Localised Cryotherapy?

The treatment is ideal for treating sports injuries, chronic pain, inflammation, itching, and other skin disorders when applied directly to the injured region. It also works wonders for cellulite, stretch marks, scar tissue, and general vigour and renewal. It gives the skin a gorgeous shine.


Cryotherapy is also frequently used as a post-operative treatment since it speeds up the healing process and reduces pain without the need for strong medications and their undesirable side effects! With the help of cryotherapy, professional athletes recover more quickly and compete at higher levels, specifically when using Renuvenate to treat a direct injury.


If you're gearing up for a particular occasion or an event, it's wonderful for making you seem amazing because it enhances the tone, and texture, and tightens the skin. For the body, it can even help you lose weight while also being beneficial for eliminating cellulite, as was previously indicated.

Who Should Not Use Localised Cryotherapy?

Cryoglobulinemia, cold hemagglutination or cold hemolysis, cold-induced itching, Raynaud's disease, severe sensory problems, trophic disorders, and cold hypersensitivity. Please contact your doctor for medical advice if you have any questions about any of the contraindications listed here.

How Often Should I Have Localised Cryotherapy?

This obviously varies greatly, depending on the individual. Yet once every week is a terrific place to start. To hasten recuperation and improve strength and endurance, athletes may need to visit every day. When using localised cryotherapy for body contouring and skin problems, a course of treatment may often be planned. Your practitioner can also recommend a treatment schedule if you are experiencing discomfort or inflammation.

What Distinguishes Whole Body Cryotherapy from Localised Cryotherapy?

Localised cryotherapy focuses on a specific region while protecting the rest of the body and skin from the cold. It is direct and frequently involves a course of therapy; it is more frequently used for skin tightening, rejuvenation, and reducing inflammation in certain damaged areas. Due to the nature of the therapy and the experience within the chamber or sauna, entire body restoration is increased rather than localised skin repair in a specific location. The whole body is more intense and significantly colder.