Acupuncture in Bromley

Acupuncture in Bromley is a perfect way to balance the flow of energy. Here it is believed that our human body acts as a small universe connected by channels. In acupuncture, these channels are activated with the help of needles. The body's self-regulating functions are promoted and the patient is brought to a healthy condition. The process involves inserting needles into points on these channels to restore the balance in the body and revitalise the body.

The needles are inserted by selecting the point according to the situation and treatment needed by the individual. In traditional acupuncture, the practitioner can also treat problems that are away from the part that needs to be treated. There is a lot of evidence and results that show the effectiveness of acupuncture. A recent study found that acupuncture is effective for overall well-being and treats diseases including pain, headaches, and nausea. Acupuncture is also effective for mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Our acupuncture in Bromley has helped many to improve their health.

Traditional Acupunture in Bromley UK

Effective Acupuncture in Bromley

Here at Renuvenate, we provide a wide range of acupuncture treatments in Bromley including traditional Chinese acupuncture, Medical Acupuncture, and Japanese acupuncture. Other complementary therapies such as reflexology, massage, and herbal medicine are also available. Our Acupuncture treatment centre in Bromley, Kent offers reliable and cost-effective services. Our expert and experienced professionals are always ready to take care of your health needs.

Our Acupuncture in Bromley Can Help With 

Acupuncture can help to treat various health conditions. The effect may vary on the sessions taken by individuals. The following are health conditions that benefit significantly from acupuncture.

1. Body Pain 

2. Headache

3. Arthritis

4. Anxiety

5. Depression

6. Fertility (Female & Male Fertility) 

7. IVF Assistance 

8. Menstrual Problems 

Acupuncture can also help with overall well-being.

FAQs Related to Acupuncture 

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture helps to flow energy in the body effectively. An imbalance in the flow of energy may cause improper body functioning. The flow of energy is stabilised when acupuncture points are activated. There are hundreds of acupuncture points in the body and each works for a different function. Needles stimulated at different points help to reduce the symptoms of an illness, improve overall well-being, and reduce pain by releasing natural chemicals.

What Happens During Acupuncture Treatment?

Before the actual treatment, we first try to analyse the health condition. Then as per the requirement, we will try to analyse the area that will be in contact during the procedure. After the examination, the needles are inserted at various points for around 20 minutes

Is Acupuncture Treatment Painful?

With each needle inserted at a different point, you may feel a small prick. Acupuncture needles are thinner and more solid than the regular medical needle, so is less painful. The needles may cause a little muscle sensation. 

Is Acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is safe and free from side effects when done with our professionally trained practitioner. The needles used in the acupuncture treatment are sterilised. The risk is almost neglected when handled carefully by an expert practitioner.

How many times is treatments needed? 

The number of times the treatment is needed depends on the diseases that need to be treated and the age of it. Generally, a chronic disease requires more treatments than a general one. We can tell a more accurate time by proper consultation and examining the condition.

How often is the treatment needed?

Generally, we suggest having weekly or bi-weekly treatments for recovery from certain illnesses. If the treatment is taken for overall wellbeing, then the treatment can be taken monthly or bi-weekly.